Where Can I Find a Monthly Loan Lender in Singapore?

Are you short of money and planning to borrow funds from the best licensed money lender in Singapore? Paying bills at the end of every month can sometimes be challenging. If you’re living in an expensive city with a minimum wage, sudden medical bills, an increase in utility bills, and tuition fees can sometimes make your life problematic. While most people depend on banks for loans, have you ever thought about how tedious a bank’s formalities are?

Eliminate Your Financial Burden with ABM Creditz

ABM Creditz provides monthly installment loans in Singapore at the minimum interest rate. We abide by the government rules, which means all procedures and documentation for the loan are followed according to the Singapore Ministry of Law. We know how hectic bank loan applications are – It takes weeks, sometimes months, to get loan approval. Most of us get stuck in the heavy paperwork, getting the loan application delayed. Sometimes, luck doesn’t favour and the application gets rejected by the bank, forcing the applicant to go through the hassle of reapplying with a different financial institution.

At ABM Creditz, you can get a loan in a short time. We are licensed money lenders unadministered by the government, so getting monthly installment loans in Singapore is easy when applied with ABM Creditz.

Fill the application form online and get your loan approved in minutes:

  • Personal loan
  • Business loan
  • Payday loan
  • Education loan

Singapore is known to be a great business place where locals and foreigners try their luck in getting themselves established. Enterprise Singapore, Startup SG Founder, and National Research Foundation (NRF) are prominent government-controlled organizations where business owners go for grants and funds for startup businesses. However, because of the stringent government rules a business owner has to follow, the procedure gets lengthy, approvals are delayed. Above all, it is not easy to receive grants and funds from government-regulated bodies.

ABM Creditz is a credit company trying to help beginners open their scope of opportunities and try their luck with the capital provided by us. All our loans are approved within 10 minutes, and money is transferred directly into the bank account – No Collaterals or Personal Guarantee required.

Apply for Loan in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Apply online on our website. Fill up the application form with all details asked in the sections. Our loan officers will contact you as soon as they receive your application.
  2. Our loan officer will verify the information mentioned in the application form. You may have to present documents like the current employer’s salary slip for us to check your financial stability.
  3. Our verification process is quick and hassle-free. If all your verification documents are accurate, we approve the loan instantly.
  4. After approval, you can either collect cash in person, or borrowers can get a direct transfer into their bank accounts.
  5. The payment plan is discussed with the loan officer. Our payment plans are flexible with a minimum interest rate. We have the lowest interest rate monthly installment loans in Singapore.

 The current interest rate of ABM Creditz is 3.9%, which is the lowest among all licensed money lenders. With our flexible loan repayment plans, we bring a decent payment plan for clients that benefits both ends.

Why Choose ABM Creditz?

Privacy of Customers

Since 2008, ABM Creditz is known for keeping their customer’s data safe. Even if you’ve changed your mind at the last moment of doing business with us, your information is still secure.

Smooth Process

Our customers reapply with us because of our seamless and quick application procedure. Almost everyone of our clients have received the loan within 10 minutes of application. No heavy paperwork or to andfro to our office is needed.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike loan sharks, we believe in transparency. Everything is written and signed by both parties, and we both hold a copy of the documents. ABM Creditz keeps its interest rate stagnant with all monthly installment loans in Singapore.

Appropriate Knowledge

ABM Creditz’ financial team has more than 12 years of experience. With our knowledge, versatile loan options, best interest rates, and flexible repayment plans, we have over 1 million satisfied customers and dispersed more than 27 million cash.

Are You Eligible to Apply for a Loan at ABM Creditz?

  • First, your age should be 21 years or above 
  • You should be holding a valid NRIC or work pass. Employed with part-time or full-time jobs with NOA.
  • You haven’t filed for bankruptcy in the past or are not planning to file for bankruptcy in the future.

Whether it is a secured or unsecured loan, we provide monthly installment loans in Singapore to locals as long as they have

  • NRIC (local) and Valid Employee pass (foreigner).
  • Last three months of payslip for financial stability.
  • Proof of residence.

The Ministry approves licensed money lenders in Singapore of Law. They can provide loans to locals and foreigners. This is the best alternative when an individual requires urgent loans because the process is quicker compared to traditional banks.

Get Instant, Same Day Loan Approval, Without Visiting the Bank

Your loan should be tailor-made and reach you instantly during emergencies. With ABM Creditz, getting a personal loan for short-term or emergency use is made easy. If you are struggling to get an instant loan with easy approval, you are at the right stop. Apply now to get your loan approved with the lowest interest rate in Singapore. Also, if you need a little more convincing, you can check the testimonials of our happy customers here

We hope this information was useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with our monthly installment loan experts in Singapore. We will be happy to provide you guidance and assist you in applying for a loan in a few minutes and get quick approval, on the same day! So, wait not – say goodbye to your financial worries with ABM Creditz. Also, stay in the loop for more such content!

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