Is It Safe To Apply For A Personal Loan?

It is common to see an adult say “I really wish I can go back to my early childhood.” This is so because at that stage of one’s life there’s no need to be worried about getting a good job, managing a load of bills and remaining relatively debt-free. While battling with these things as adults, there is always the need to save up for expected, and most importantly, unexpected expenditures.

What if you are unable to save up enough money for your immediate needs? What if you do but what you have is definitely not enough at that instant of time? You might want to seek the help of a bank at such trying time, but aren’t you aware of the stress needed to be gone through before you could be granted a loan from banks? Then, what option(s) do you have left?

You are right, the moneylender will definitely save you from that embarrassing moment. However, there is a need to distinguish between money lenders as some are out there just to make you a victim of their high-interest rates. These ones are the loan sharks or unlicensed money lenders and it might do you a lot of good staying away from them. Licensed moneylenders, on the other hand, are constrained by the amount they can loan, the fees they can charge and with a favourable interest rate.

ABM Creditz Singapore Pte Ltd is a licenced Singapore Money Lender which has been in operation for more than a decade, and, of course, with a great reputation in what we do.

Why You Should Choose Us?

We believe loan acquisition, especially for personal use, shouldn’t be another hurdle every individual has to battle before they can actually put things right in their financial life. Convenience and quality loan services are our watchwords, and everyone should be a beneficiary. See more reasons below why we should be your go-to money lender during your financial constraint.


Of course, you should be fully aware of the “loan sharks” whose ultimate aim is to make you pay an unreasonably high-interest rate. It is very necessary to check for the license of any self-acclaimed money lender before going into any agreements with them to avoid unnecessary problems later. ABM Creditz Singapore Pte Ltd is fully licensed with a license number 145/2018. Our reputation matters.


This is definitely one of the important things to consider when applying for loans from money lenders. Any businesses that have no physical address could be up to something and that’s what you should be wary of. Our company is located at 1 Park Road, People’s Park Complex #01-12, Singapore 059108. Apart from this, we also have a reputable presence online.


We are fully aware that keeping your personal info safe is of utmost interest to you. As a Singapore Licensed Moneylender, your personal details are secured, we have an obligation to keep your personal information and transactions personal.


Applying for our loans will probably be the easier thing you ever do. As long as you meet the necessary requirements and follow every process on our application page, we will approve your loan application within 30 minutes. The three ways to do this are;

  •  Apply online: The application process starts online via our website. The online application is very easy, straightforward and should be completed within 2 minutes or less. After you must have filled the form and agreed to the terms below it by clicking on the “Get your loan now” button, you will be contacted by our representative who will guide you through subsequent processes.
  • Verification: After being contacted, you are expected to bring the necessary documents to our office located at1 Park Road, People’s Park Complex #01-12, Singapore 059108. This is in accordance with the license condition that says there must be face-to-face interaction with crosschecking of documents before loans can be disbursed.
  • Funding: After your eligibility has been confirmed and all the relevant documents have been signed, funds can be approved within 30 minutes.

Singapore Moneylender

Looking for a Reliable Moneylender in Singapore? Turn to ABM Creditz for all your financial solutions. Experience the convenience of fast loans and personalised personal loans tailored to your needs. As a trusted and highly rated Singapore moneylender, with thousands of positive reviews, we’re committed to helping you manage your finances with ease and transparency. Contact ABM Creditz today and discover the peace of mind that comes with our dependable lending services.

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