National Day Long Weekend: Budget-Friendly Staycation Ideas in Singapore


As Singaporeans come together to celebrate National Day on August 9th, the long weekend presents a perfect opportunity to unwind and indulge in a budget-friendly staycation. In this article, we unveil exciting staycation ideas that allow you to experience luxury, relaxation, and the city’s charm without overspending. Get ready to create unforgettable memories during this celebratory holiday.

**1. Embrace Staycation Deals**

During the National Day long weekend, many hotels and resorts offer exclusive staycation deals and promotions. Keep an eye on ABM Creditz for special rates and discounts, making your luxury staycation more affordable. ABM Creditz understands the value of making the most of your long weekend experience without compromising on your budget.

**2. Explore Nature Escapes**

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city by exploring Singapore’s nature spots. Head to the Southern Ridges for breathtaking views, visit the Botanic Gardens for a serene picnic, or relax by the East Coast beaches. These nature escapes are not only budget-friendly but also provide a refreshing break from the daily grind.

**3. Indulge in Local Delicacies**

Treat your taste buds to a culinary adventure without leaving the country. Explore hawker centres, coffee shops, and local eateries to savour Singapore’s diverse cuisine. ABM Creditz encourages you to embrace the joy of local flavours without straining your wallet.

**4. Create Your Spa Retreat**

Transform your home into a tranquil spa retreat during your staycation. Stock up on scented candles, essential oils, and pampering products to enjoy relaxation at its finest. Take advantage of the long weekend to unwind and rejuvenate without the cost of a luxury spa.

**5. Cultural Immersion in Your Backyard**

Experience the richness of Singapore’s cultural heritage by immersing yourself in cultural neighbourhoods like Little India, Chinatown, and Kampong Glam. Wander through vibrant streets, appreciate stunning architecture, and learn about the city’s history, all while staying within your budget.

**6. Capture Memories, Not Costs**

Make the most of the National Day long weekend by capturing memories with your loved ones. Create photo albums, scrapbooks, or digital memories to cherish the joyous moments. ABM Creditz believes in cherishing experiences and the bonds they create, beyond any monetary concerns.


This National Day long weekend, embark on a budget-friendly staycation adventure in Singapore. Take advantage of exclusive staycation deals, embrace nature escapes and local flavours, and immerse yourself in the city’s cultural heritage. ABM Creditz supports you in making the most of your celebratory holiday while staying mindful of your budget.

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