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24 hours money lender in Singapore- Legal money lender vs illegal money lender

Technological innovations and the wide competition between credit companies allow us to request a quick and easy loan with which to get money in a few minutes and without paperwork. Most of the lenders in Singapore give us the possibility of filling out an application online to which you will get a response in a few minutes like ABM Creditz Pte Ltd, It is a licensed and legal money lender in Singapore with the expertise of more than 12 years of experience dedicated to helping companies and individual overcome the troubles associated with instant funding. 

Licensed money lenders like ABM Creditz, are capable of helping various companies and individuals and certifying their credit applications. If the personal information you provide is not enough to have the necessary qualifications to make a bank overdraft, they can give some appropriate suggestions. If you need urgent cash, they can also provide short-term financing.

In addition, it is now possible not to have to send documents to some lenders in Singapore so the application time is shortened to have the loan using the service by the so-called “24 hours money lender”. But?

What is 24 hours money lender in Singapore?

Think carefully before borrowing in a hurry. When looking to get credit quickly, you shouldn’t forget to be careful. Making a hasty decision can have serious consequences and quite simply lead to over-indebtedness. All the same, take the time to think it over and do not forget about the Ministry of law and their strict law for legal money lenders in Singapore.

A person who runs a money lending business must be registered in the Ministry of Law in Singapore or the prefectural governor who has jurisdiction over the location of the main business office. When borrowing, check whether the money lender is registered and licensed or not, and never borrow from a contractor who cannot confirm the registration.

In particular, some unregistered and illegal money lenders use to say that they are 24 hours money lenders in Singapore and can provide you the money in their trade names even though they are not licensed money lenders. Please do not trust such unregistered and illegal money lenders in Singapore and do not borrow money from them.

Singapore’s “Lenders Law” has strict regulations on the behavior of licensed lenders in terms of advertising, loan cost ceilings, and debt recovery. The Ministry of Law of Singapore and its lender registration bureau also cooperate with the country’s voluntary welfare organizations to help borrowers better manage debt, and through official websites and other channels, publicize lending risks and industry regulations, and make recommendations to borrowers.

To avoid damage, first, let’s check if it is a registered company:

○ Please check the PDF of the name of the company that is doing the money lending business in Singapore by spoofing the fictitious registration number or the registration number of another registered company even though it is not registered.

○ Those who do not answer the registration number are likely to be unregistered.

○ Even if you have a registration number, some unregistered companies pretend to be registered companies, such as using a fictitious registration number, so be careful.

○ If you have any doubts, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Law or contact the Money Lending Business Section of the Ministry of Law.

Is it possible to obtain credit quickly from a legal money lender in Singapore?

Quick credits are the fastest and easiest solution to get money loans in Singapore with which to cover any economic unforeseen: the payment of a bill, a fine, the repair of a car, the bill from your children’s dentist, or small investment for a business, among others.

To obtain fast credit, the solution can be found today on the internet. In fact, by accessing the offers of, ABM Creditz which provides personal loans, education loans, business loans, and payday loans. Best of all, they do not charge any direct handling fees. It seems easier and faster to find a solution.

What requirements do you need to meet to request the loan?

In principle requirements as such, there are simply two:

  • Be of legal age at the time of application for the loan.
  • It is necessary to have income every month, either from a job, an unemployment benefit, a house rental, etc.

Flow from application to borrowing

Get the quote: First, apply for a loan by completing the procedures over the phone or using our website and the customer service officer will contact you.

Get Verified: After that, the result of the examination and you’re required to proceed down to the office.

Get the Loan: If the applicant is satisfied with the loan conditions, the contract procedure will be carried out.

Just by contacting the ABM Creditz team, you can quickly and safely request a loan up to 6x your monthly salary, the loan is made in record time, in less than 5 minutes and the terms are flexible. No commission is charged and the interest is very low.

As they indicate, they offer credits with the soul of people, following the philosophy of the company trying to be the best for people. To do this, they try to be the fastest, most flexible, and transparent. With more than 27M+ Cash Dispensed, and with more than 100K+ happy clients throughout Singapore, they are the highest-rated legal money lender in Singapore.

Loan details:

  • The loans to request can be up to 6x of your monthly salary, depending on your income and the personal data that you will provide during the application process.
  • Flexible repayment terms, being able at all times to pay amounts greater than those stipulated and return the loan before the agreed-upon without being penalized for it.
  • Every month a reminder of the monthly payment to be returned is sent to the customer.
  • Interest can be saved by repaying the loan early at no additional cost.

What are the advantages that ABM Creditz gives you?

Flexibility: you can freely choose both the amount and the term to pay, within intervals of a more than considerable size.

Quick credits of up to 6x of your monthly salary: Nobody offers a quantity as large as that, in such a short period. Which makes it a great advantage over other similar companies, which offer fast money, but lower amounts.

Speed and security: The process is streamlined and simplified so that no more steps are taken than necessary. In addition, thanks to the data encryption they use, your information will be safe at all times.

In Conclusion

In short, if you encounter financial problems and urgently need cash, whether for business or personal use, reach ABM Creditz immediately and contact them! They can provide professional advice according to your situation. They cover the entire Singapore with their services.

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