Guide To Claiming and Using Your NS55 Credit!


The credits, which will be valid for a year, will be disbursed digitally for convenience from July 1 to July 31. You can download the LifeSG mobile application on your mobile phone to redeem the credits. Here are four easy steps to do so:

  • In your LifeSG mobile application, scroll to “Benefits and Support”
  • Locate “NS55 credits” and tap on “View Details”
  • Tap on “Scan QR code to pay” and scan the QR code provided by the merchant
  • After entering the amount to pay, that’s it! You will have successfully paid for your purchase using the NS55 credits.

For some people, the LifeSG app might not reflect the S$100 credits yet. Some might not even be able to see the “Benefits and Support” section in the app. But fear not – the credits are issued on a rolling basis, so just be patient. Eventually, you should receive them by the end of July 2022.


Some of you might wonder, why are the rewards in the form of credit vouchers and not cash? Perhaps it is to ensure recipients will spend the credits with Singapore-registered businesses via the LifeSG app.

Disbursed cash might end up being spent outside Singapore – for instance, being used to pump petrol in Johor Bahru, which is a notorious favourite pastime of Singaporeans.

However, it is understandable that having your S$100 being restricted to just a few businesses that accept PayNow transactions is inconvenient. As such, users have uncovered a way to ‘convert’ these credits to cash.

Sheng Shiong ATMs apparently can be used to dispense cash from the PayNow option. However, due to a $0.20 convenience fee, users can only withdraw a maximum of $90 from the machine, as withdrawing $100 would require a $100.20 credit instead. The remaining $9.80 can be kept as credits in the LifeSG app for use at other merchants.


Indeed, celebrating fifty-five years of National Service is a momentous occasion. Not only does it mark a significant milestone in Singapore’s independence, but it also serves to commemorate fifty-five years of service and contributions from our national servicemen and women.

With so many exciting new offers and promotions in store for you, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the LifeSG app to receive your vouchers!

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