Everything You Need to Know About the 2023 CDC Vouchers: How to Claim and Where to Use Them


In the recent Budget 2022 announcement, Singaporean households will be receiving a total of $300 worth of Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers as part of the $660 billion Assurance Package and the additional $1.5 billion support package. This financial aid is aimed at helping households with their daily expenses.

It's important to note that only one member per household needs to visit the CDC website and log in with their Singpass to claim the vouchers. These vouchers can only be used at participating heartland merchants and hawkers, so be sure to look out for the CDC Vouchers decal displayed at the shopfronts to know whether the vouchers are accepted there. Participating supermarkets will also have a decal.

To make it easy for residents to locate and support their local merchants, CDC has added new map features on their website. By entering the street name or postal code, you can find the nearest participating hawkers and heartland merchants within a 2km radius. The list will show the stall's name, address, and unit number for easy navigation.

Additionally, an interactive map is available, showing the number of merchants according to district. By clicking on each bubble, the map will break down further to show merchants on a smaller scale. By clicking on the bubble, it will open up a list of merchants that show the stall's name, address, and unit number.

To claim the CDC vouchers, visit go.gov.sg/cdcv and log in with your Singpass. Verify and confirm your household details before entering your mobile number to receive a one-time password (OTP). After entering the OTP, click on “Show Vouchers”. For 2023, you will receive $300 of CDC vouchers, $150 of which can be used at participating hawkers and merchants, similar to the 2021 and 2022 tranches. $150 can be used at participating supermarkets.

Once you've claimed your vouchers, a link will be sent to your mobile number. You can also share the vouchers with other household members by clicking on the "Share My Vouchers" button and copying the unique voucher link to paste into any preferred messaging apps.

When using the vouchers, they come in fixed denominations of $2, $5, and $10 to make it less confusing for residents and to reduce the chance of errors when residents key in the amount. To use the vouchers, simply tap the amount you want to use and show the QR code to the stall vendor for them to scan using their Redeem Vouchers QR code scanner.

In summary, CDC vouchers are a great way to support local merchants and alleviate financial stress for households. Be sure to check the CDC website for participating merchants, claim your vouchers, and use them at participating hawkers, merchants and supermarkets.

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